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Welcome to Bitshift, Berchtold IT Solutions

Internet Services for the SMB Market

Bitshift, Berchtold IT Solutions

Bitshift is on the move. Starting from 9/7/2009 please use the new address available from the contact information.

The Allgemeine Geschäfts­bedingungen and the Terms of use are available (version 1.0) and are valid as of 2/18/2007.

Bitshift is on the move. Starting from 7/1/2006 please use the new address available from the contact information.

The Bitshift Website is now bilingual. The desired language can be selected between English and German. On entering the site via Main Page or via GO-Links the correct language is displayed automatically.

The brand new Bitshift Knowledge Base offers information from the field for the field.

GO-Links simplify entering the site.
Lots of content can be found easily by entering a GO-Link in the browser, e.g. "http://www.bitshift.ch/go/support"
Just try!

In the Shop you find a much larger number of items. Also, the new category "Foto/Video" has been added.

The Bitshift Website gets a completely new design.

Hosting under your Control

Our Web and Mail Hosting Solutions for small business give you total control over technology and costs. We give you possibilities you normally won't have without an own infrastructure. With the modular service architectures you get exactly what you want: Storage, security and more.

  • BWeb Hosting allows you to build your own Web presence without caring about servers or software.
  • To be released in the near future, BMail Hosting is a powerful and secure E-Mail platform that will fit your small business needs.
  • More Hosting Solutions are currently under development.


Interessante Second-Hand-Artikel

Besuchen Sie unseren Second-Hand Shop und finden Sie echte Schnäppchen aus verschiedenen Bereichen:

  • Verschiedenes neues und gebrauchtes IT-Equipment zu Tiefstpreisen
  • Fotoapparate zu Liquidationspreise, nur noch wenige Kameras verfügbar
  • Sehr aufwendig konstruierte Modellautos im Massstab 1/18

Die Artikel werden zu absoluten Top-Preisen abgegeben. Greifen Sie zu, solange der Vorrat reicht!


Auktionen bei Ricardo

Holen Sie sich die besten Artikel aus dem Bitshift Second-Hand Shop zu absoluten Knüllerpreisen.

Bitshift versteigert laufend neue Artikel bei Ricardo.

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